Reworking the Ballet: Counter Narratives and Alternative Bodies

Author: Vida L. Midgelow
Publisher: Routledge (2007)

Paperback: 223 pages
Language: English
ISBN13: 978-0-415-97603-9

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Expédié sous 20 jours



Challenging and unsettling their predecessors, modern choreographers such as Matthew Bourne, Mark Morris and Masaki Iwana have courted controversy and notoriety by reimagining the most canonical of Classical and Romantic ballets.

In this book, Vida Midgelow illustrates the ways in which these contemporary reworkings destroy and recreate their source material, turning ballet from a classical performance to a vital exploration of gender, sexuality and cultural difference.

Reworking the Ballet: Counter Narratives and Alternative Bodies articulates the ways that audiences and critics can experience these new versions, viewing them from both practical and theoretical perspectives, including:

eroticism and the politics of touch

performing gender

cross-casting and cross-dressing

reworkings and intertextuality

cultural exchange and hybridity.



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