Richard Siegal/The Bakery: If/Then Dialogues

Richard Siegal/The Bakery: If/Then Dialogues


Editors: The Bakery Paris-Berlin/ZKM Karlsruhe
Publisher: Hatje Cantz (2010)

Runtime: 86 Minutes
Language: English
Format: DVD, NTSC and PAL, Region code 0 (All)/ with booklet, 24 pages
ISBN13: 978-3-7757-2641-2

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The work of American dancer and choreographer Richard Siegal (*1968 in Laurenburg, North Carolina) combines art, dance theory, and media technology. For years, Siegal was a soloist with William Forsythe at the Frankfurt Ballet, and in 2004 he founded The Bakery, an interdisciplinary platform for research and production. In his performances, he consistently appropriates new combinations of video, electronic music, dance, and interactive compositional techniques. Based on the IF/THEN formula, Siegal’s system of choreography involves the dancers in the creative process in highly ambitious ways.

This DVD uses video and text excerpts to examine his approach to dance. It is unusual in the way that it interweaves experimental movement with online choreography for educational purposes. In this way, new, interdisciplinary, multimedia forms of collaboration are explored in depth.

The DVD is accompanied by an illustrated booklet with texts by Christine Peters, and Richard Siegal as well as Peter Weibel.

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