Authors: Emilie Gallier, Jannah Loontjens, Daniël Rovers
Publishers: Wintertuin, Generale Oost, ArtEZ (2012)

Paperback: 28 pages
Language: English

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‘sync’ is a book-performance: a book that turns into performance from the moment one reads it, when the space and time that are inside come together with the body of the reader.

Can a score be the performance itself? ‘sync’ probes this question by focusing on the movement of reading, and the reading of movement. The book uses poetry, keywords, instructions, mathematic equations, Laban notation, drawing, and discourse to generate dances – that are visible or not. Stairs, air, red dots, triangles, lines, form an imaginary landscape for the piece to develop with its reader who embodies the venue, the spectator, the performer.

After having experienced the book-performance, each reader has the possibility to call for a book-club and encounter other readers by contacting emilie(at)