The Roots of Amerta Movement – An introduction to the movement improvisation of Suprapto Suryodarmo

Authors: Lise Lavelle
Publisher: Triarchy Press (2021)

Softcover: 221 pages
Language: English
ISBN13: 978-1-911193-53-1

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The Javanese movement artist Suprapto Suryodarmo (universally known as Prapto) died in 2019. He had devoted his life to developing, embodying, teaching and sharing his practice of Amerta Movement / Joged Amerta, which, in his own words, is not only a language for communication but also an expression of being.
In the course of his life, Prapto worked with students and colleagues (people from all walks of life, including internationally-known artists, performers, practitioners and teachers, all of whom he treated equally as ‘friends’) in sacred, ancient and mundane sites around the world. He never attempted to write down his practice, although he encouraged many ‘friends’ to spread the word and the practice, sharing their own understandings of his work widely.

This book, covering the early years of Prapto’s teaching (1986-1997), is the closest there is to a record of that period of his work in English. It is a radically revised, updated and edited version of Lise Lavelle’s doctoral thesis and draws on her unrivalled knowledge of the culture, language, art, religion and traditions of Java – the pot in which Prapto’s life, work and practice were cooked. While Amerta Movement continued to evolve during this century, The Roots of Amerta Movement offers a clear and many-layered introduction. For anyone wanting to know more about Prapto and his work, it is a very good place to start.