Traces in Sight

Authors:Doris Gassert, Claire Hoffmann
Publisher: Verlag für moderne Kunst (2020)

Hardcover: 272 pages
Language: German/English, Deutsch/Englisch
ISBN13: 978-3-903320-63-5

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The human body is the central theme and tool in Lotta Gadola’s artistic work. The interest is focused on the discussions about, around and with the body, in connection with social and identity-creating topics. From the body’s own hair, through the contact lens to the smartphone—the body and its physical prostheses and mental extensions are often the subject of the investigation. In the image-search the artist draws on precise observations of everyday life.

The publication of the “Junge Kunst Stadt Luzern” series focuses on the youngest groups of work, consisting of performance, video works and photographic series. In order to translate the cinematic of the artistic creation into book form, individual video sequences are prepared as flipbooks and enable different speeds of reading of the contributions, which are contextualized by an art-historical and media-theoretical text.