Willi Dorner – Bodies in Urban Spaces

Willi Dorner – Bodies in Urban Spaces


Authors: Willi Dorner, Franz Thalmair
Publisher: Hatje Cantz (2014)

Hardcover: 160 pages
Language: English/German
ISBN13: 978-3-7757-3847-7

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A new take on sculpture: astonishing interventions in public space.

Photographs by Lisa Rastl, graphic design by Beatrix Bakondy.

Willi Dorner’s imaginative art project bodies in urban spaces takes us on a walk through the urban landscape. On predetermined courses carefully choreographed by Dorner, a troupe of local dancers, performers and free runners moves through the downtown areas of cities worldwide, witnessed by a fascinated public. Up to twenty colorfully dressed people intertwine and stack their bodies in doorways, on ledges, landings, and park benches. These bizarre body sculptures open up a curious perspective and offer city-dwellers a surprisingly different urban experience. In their innovative uses of urban space, the temporary interventions are provocative, and they sometimes inadvertently attract the attention of the police. Each performance has an individual character, depending on its specific features, site, and time of day, as conveyed by Lisa Rastl’s photographic documentation.

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