AUTHOR: Sanjoy Roy
PUBLISHER: WArd/waRD (2022)

PAPERBACK: 66 pages

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By invitation of WArd/waRD, the British author Sanjoy Roy (dance writer for The Guardian), wrote eight essays on the performances Creating Joy and Joy Enjoy Joy by Ann Van den Broek. These texts, written to be enjoyed, are bundled in this colorful booklet called Work/World.

The essays in this booklet give an original perspective on specific elements from the joy diptych. Sometimes Sanjoy Roy zooms in with a magnifying glass, focusing on one specific step. Sometimes he zooms out as if standing on a satellite. Connecting the work, with the world and vice versa. In this way, the texts have a way of transcending the choreographic work. Making it understandable, relatable and fun to read, even if you haven’t seen the performances. If you have seen one of the performances, this booklet will let you see things, that you didn’t see at first.