Contact Quarterly/Volume 44 #2

Publisher: Contact Editions (2019)
Paperback: 78 pages
Language: English
ISBN10: 744-709-531-2


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2. Contact Editions

4. CQ is changing!

Editor Notes – Interregnum: Between the already and the Not Yet, or The Rabbit and the Muffin / Nancy Stark Smith

…begin end begin end begin… / Lisa Nelson

7 MARRONAGE – Elaborations on Performance, the Stage and Staying Alive – by Jonahtan González

13 CQ Folio 4 – field within a fiel – by Julien bruneau

33 SOMATIC COSTUMES – A Teaching Resource and Performance Generator – by Sally E. Dean

38 RELATIONS – A Performance Reunion – by Tara Aisha Willis, Ishmael Houston-Jones, Ralph Lemon, and Bebe Miller

44 HOW DOES THIS BODY WANT TO MOVE – Dancing the Legacy of Elaine Summers – By Merián Soto

50 QUEER CONTACT IMPROVISATION (QCI) – Alliance and Disruption, Reflections from the QCI Symposium and Festival Hamburg 2018 – by Aramo Olaya and Wiktor Skrzypczac

55 CI Newsletter – Contact Improvisation news & views

72 Dance Map Directory – contemporary dance & improvisation resources worldwide

76 TRANSITIONS – A tribute to Sam Miller (1952-2018) – writings by Judy Hussie-Taylor

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