Contact Quarterly/Volume 33 #2

Contact Quarterly/Volume 33 #2


Publisher: Contact Editions (2008)
Paperback: 86 pages
Language: English
ISBN13: 725-2-749531-27-4

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Journal: Summer/Fall 2008.

Focus: Activism & community.

Contributors: Chris Aiken, Olive Bieringa, Thomas Häntzschel, Delphine Hesters, Amy Catfox Campion/Simone Forti/Sarah Leddy/Taisha Paggett/Meg Wolfe, Naomi Jackson, Martin Keogh, Clarinda Mac Low, Mavis & Bunhead, Erikk McKenzie, Andrea Olsen, Mary Overlie, Steve Paxton, Jess Curtis/Stephanie Maher/Sara Shelton Mann/Friederike Plafki/Peter Pleyer/Karen Schaffman/Meg Stuart, Paul Freundlich, Gordon Thorne, Nala Walla.

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