Contact Quarterly/Volume 39 #1

Contact Quarterly/Volume 39 #1


Publisher: Contact Editions (2014)
Paperback: 70 pages
Language: English

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3. Editor Note : Moving without a Body?by Nancy Stark Smith
5. Letters to CQ
10. Shelf Life: publications received Book Review: The Place of Dance by Andrea Olsen, with Caryn McHose by Pamela Vail
12. Some thoughts & memories on Diving In an eight-hour reading performance of Contact Quarterly journals by Agnès Benoit
16. Conversation Across Time an excerpt from the Nonlinear Lineage project by Sarah Maxfield
21. Fragment of a tuning run begin……pause……replace…pause…end…………reverse by Lisa Nelson
24. OUT-SCORE / IN-SCORE WORKSHOP teaching artistic agency in contemporary choreographic practices by Jeanine Durning and Liz Waterhouse
30. Dancing the Space Between Choreo-Portraits and Action Conversations by Victoria Marks
34. Still Moving: CI shoptalk & dialogue
34. Contact Improvisation: One Experience by SK, Rythea Lee, and CQ
36. 848 Community Space queer, sex, performance, and contact improvisation in 1990s San Francisc by Keith Hennessy
39. Essentials: basic CI principles & practices Slow-Motion Duet by Kristin Horrigan
40. CI Newsletter: Contact Improvisation news & views
69. Terpsichore’s Deck distilled choreographic inspirations by Eliza Larson

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