Contact Quarterly/Volume 35 #2 – chapbook 1

Publisher: Contact Editions (2010)
Paperback: 32 pages
Language: English

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Special focus: newDANCEmedia
Contributors: Hélène Lesterlin, Jonah Bokaer, Scott deLahunta, William Forsythe.

Content :

  1. Editor Note : Digital Wag by Melinda Buckwalter
  2. Darkling : enter technology – where is the body? by Hélène Lesterlin
  3. Jonah Bokaer : moving toward an embodied technology by Nancy Wozny
  4. The choreographic Resource : technologies for understanding dance by Scott deLahunta
  5. William Forsythe on his recent interactive online project Synchronous Objects at Festspielhaus, Dresden April 2009, interview by Marlon Barrios Solann