Contact Quarterly/Volume 41 #2

Publisher: Contact Editions (2016)
Paperback: 76 pages
Language: English

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4. Editor Notes – Between the Covers, by CQ Editors.
What Did We Learn? Processing the results of the CI in CQ Survey, by Chris Aiken, Richard Kim, and Nancy Stark Smith.
5. CQ FOLIO 1 – TRACES FROM A FESTIVAL, Thoughts, writings, and images generated by the 2015 Seattle Festival of Dance Improvisation, curated and edited by Aretha Aoki and Eliza Larson.
7. Dancing for a Tree – Remembering Iris Scaccheri, October 16, 1949œJuly 27, 2014. A Lightning Talk by Jimena Paz.
9. In the Park – Collections and Reflections from Jennifer Monson’s Workshop, Dancing the Systems and Scores of Local Urban Ecologies, by Karinne Keithley Syers, Mauri Connors (map), and Eliza Larson (photos).
13. Technology of the Circle – An Interview with Onye Ozuzu, by Aretha Aoki.
19. Improvising through Countertechnique – An Interview with Countertechnique Teacher Joy Davis, by Eliza Larson.
23. What Is Important? – A Lightning Talk on making dances and teaching in the United States of America, by Ronja Ver
25. Somatics and Political Change – Ukraine’s Revolution of Dignity, by Katja Kolcio.
31. Dance, Somatics, and Neuroscience – An interview with Glenna Batson about her book Body and Mind in Motion, by Marlon Barrios Solano.
38. Catching the Fall – An interview with Sharon Fridman on Contact Improvisation & Choreography, by Romain Bigé.
67 – Dance Map Directory??contemporary dance & improvisation resources worldwide.
75 – Chambered – A Photo Essay from Fresh Kills Landfill, by Kathy Westwater with photos by Anja Hitzenberger.