Polish Dance Avant-garde Artists. Stories and Reconstructions / Polskie Artyski Awangardy Tanecznej. Hitorie I Rekonstrukcje

AUTHOR: edited by Joanna Szymajda
PUBLISHERS: Institute of Music and Dance & Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Warsaw (2017)

SOFTCOVER: 128 pages
LANGUAGE: English/Polish
ISBN13: 978 8 394 99140 1

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This publication aims to present and explore the biographies and the body of work of Polish and Polish-born dancers and choreographers of the early 20thcentury dance avant-garde, with particular focus on the interwar period and the emigration and post-war activity of such figures as Bronislava Nijinska, Marie Rambert, Pola Nireńska, Irena Prusicka or Yanka Rudzka.
The main goal of the collection is give these figures their due in the history of dance, and to solidify the history of Polish dance. No less important is the reconsideration of ways in which their legacy and heritage are capable of revitalisation in the work of young artists. Using archive materials and analytical texts, on the one hand, and reconstructive work, on the other, we intend to highlight the significance of Polish dance avant-gardists in the history of dance, and analyse the extent to which their body of work continues to inspire present-day artistic practice.