Unpacking Performativity – An exciting two-year research journey in dance

Authors: Gaby Allard, Peter Sonderen
Publisher: Artez Press (2016)

Softcover: 192 pages
Language: English
ISBN13: 978-9-491-44423-4


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Titre non disponible



Unpacking Performativity is the textual and visual translation of an exciting two-year research trip that was undertaken by the ArtEZ Dance Academy and the Theory in the Arts research department. How can we make the modern dance field more accessible to a wider audience and to more practitioners? How can we improve and advance our connections with them? Since urban dance takes place in public space, can we learn from its praxis and practice? How are knowledge, theory and doing related in these dance fields? How do urban dancers learn and could their principles affect our ideas and movements? What does performativity do and how can we use it? All these questions have led to exploring the urban circle form that has emerged as the dominant feature of non-hierarchical communication and experiences. We have attempted to capture the dynamic of our research in a book that should be read and used as an inspiring journey of thinkingand doing in and with dance.