Women’s turn

AUTHOR: Anne Pellus – translated from the French by Kenneth Berri
PUBLISHER: Nouvelles Editions Place (2021)

PAPERBACK: 160 pages
ISBN13: 978-2-376-28085-9

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With contemporary relevance and critical refinement, Anne Pellus studies four of the FATLAM’s choreographies that focus on representations of the « feminine, » astutely revealing how each piece is aesthetically attuned to the ways of art and of the world through the flow of the dancing bodies. She also aptly demonstrated how certain figures of alterity haunt a phallocentric Western imagination where the history of women’s struggles is oppressively immersed. In each of these choreographic propositions, dance appears as a matrix of potential emancipation, as a more equitable way of reorienting elements of reality towards a reconfiguration of world. Can sensitivity be used as a weapon for experiencing the body and a new world of images? Who could complain if women took in the lion’s share in this endeavor?