Contact Quarterly/Volume 40 #1

Contact Quarterly/Volume 40 #1


Publisher: Contact Editions (2015)
Paperback: 70 pages
Language: English

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3 Editor Note – Sensation as Portal Worlds within worlds within words, by Nancy Stark Smith

5 Letters & Transitions – Transitions: Sandy Jamrog, Rebecca Lepkoff, Emilie Conrad

7 Shelf Life—publications received

10 Read About It – A response to Jeroen Peeter’s book, Through the Back: Situating Vision between Moving Bodies, by Chrysa Parkinson

13 GIFTS – Cage, Cunningham, and the modern dance mutants, by Steve Paxton

16 Scaffold Room – Blog entries from the making of a new lecture-performance-musical, by Ralph Lemon

18 Discovering the Axis Syllabus – An international research community evolves an open-source lexicon of human movement principles, interviews and insights by Frey Faust, Nita Little, and Kira Kirsch collected and edited by Heidi Henderson

24 Performing Poetics – abstract of a talk given at the Live Legacy Project, 2014, by Ric Allsopp

26 Unsettling Assumptions – The trans-queer formalism of devynnemory/beastproductions, by devynn emory with Liza Coviello

30 Celebrating Emilie Conrad and Continuum Movement, with contributions by Batyah Schachter, Bobbie Ellis, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Don Hanlon Johnson, Ellen Cohen, Mary Abrams, Pamela Newell, Robin Becker, Sharon Weil, and Suzanne Wright Crain, collected and edited by Ellen Cohen with CQ Eds

36 Essentials—Basic CI Principles & Practices – Beginning, Approaching, Practicing, Dancing, by Margaret Paek

37 Still Moving—Contact Improvisation shoptalk & dialogue – Why Standing? Steve Paxton talks about how The Stand relates to stage fright and entrainment in Contact Improvisation, edited by Karen Nelson

41 CI Newsletter—Contact Improvisation news & views

70 CQ Syndecdoche – Footprints and fragments to celebrate 40 years of Contact Quarterly

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