pARTnering documentation: approaching dance. heritage. culture

pARTnering documentation: approaching dance. heritage. culture


Editor: Edith boxberger, Gabriele Wittmann
Publisher: epodium Verlag (2013)

Paperback: 138 pages
Language: English
ISBN13: 978-3-940388-26-1

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3rd Dance Education Biennale 2012 Frankfurt am Main.

As choreographers nowadays are increasingly inventing their own tools for documenting their work, new paradigms are emerging. Which forms of documenting could be an adequate partner for an art like dancing? How do creative parameters move into documentation? And how do choreographers inventively use scoring and archiving?

During the 3rd Dance Education Biennale 2012 in Frankfurt am Main, teachers and researchers, dancers and scientists, choreographers and journalists met for one week to teach, share and discuss innovative approaches. Focusing on issues around documentation and partnering, this book delivers some of their contributions – seen from the inside of making and teaching dance. How do you dance together? What makes partnering successful? And what insights coming from the practice of this art could be of general use?

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