Solo? In Contemporary Dance

Editor: Gurur Ertem
Publisher: Bimeras Publications (2009)

Softcover: 140 pages
Language: English / Turkish
ISBN13: 978-605-89302-0-9

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Table of Contents

Preface / Gurur Ertem

Véronique Doisneau: Revisiting ‘No to spectacle’ / Ramsay Burt

(Re-)Channeling the singular: Reflections on the solo in dance / Sandra Noeth

“The Solo and its Digital Double” / Aylin Kalem

“This must be one of these projects where science meets the arts” / Maaike Bleeker

Towards the Limits of the Solo: Allitérations and the choreography of Singularity / Noémie Solomon

Wheel/Formation/Degenerate Cycle: Or, an Ode on That Which We Could Not Prevent / Zeynep Günsür

On the difficulty of Producing Eggs (a title I could not have produced myself) / Paula Caspão – Valentina Desideri

This book consists of the proceedings of the conference which took place within iDANS Istanbul International Dance and Performance Festival on 6-7 October 2007 at Boğaziçi University. Participants from different disciplines discussed the “solo” as a particular artistic form, and as a particular way of being and becoming from historical, artistic and sociological points of view.